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People-oriented management, enhance corporate competitiveness! Since its establishment, Tianxing Group has always adhered to the management philosophy of “people-oriented” and made it the key to enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. The recruitment of personnel due to the expansion of the market is as follows:
  Recruitment position Num Time Valid until
Assistant manager 0 [ 2010-11-15 ] [ 2010-12-31 ]
Salesman 0 [ 2010-11-15 ] [ 2010-12-31 ]

      Tel:  +86-794-6453961 / 6453962 / 6453963
      Fax:  +86-794-6453980
      E-mail: mark@tianxingchem.cn
      ADD: Liujiaqiao, Chongren County, Fuzhou,Jiangxi Province, China

Add: Liujiaqiao, Chongren County, Fuzhou,Jiangxi Province, China
International trade department:
Mark Li:+86-15958465576 +86-794-6453969
Fax: +86-794-6453980
E-mail: mark@tianxingchem.cn
URL: www.bacoind.com
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