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The company's main products include anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, industrial hydrofluoric acid, fluorosilicic acid.


Products are widely used in atomic energy, chemical, petroleum plating, metal castings, fluorine rubber fluoroplastic manufacturing, pesticides and pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc.

Jiangxi Tianxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Tianxing Group Co., Ltd. Founded by Mr. Ying Tianxing (Chairman of Tianxing Group, NPC deputy of Zhejiang province and former Deputy Chief of Yongkang People's Congress), China Tianxing Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale and multiregional private enterprise...


The company is willing to cooperate with old and new friends from all walks of life with technology, quality and service.

Add: Liujiaqiao, Chongren County, Fuzhou,Jiangxi Province, China
International trade department:
Mark Li:+86-15958465576 +86-794-6453969
Fax: +86-794-6453980
E-mail: mark@tianxingchem.cn
URL: www.bacoind.com
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