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Chairman's note
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Ladies and gentlemen:
Welcome to Tianxing Group Website!
It is our honor to have you coming to our group. We will provide you teaming, professional and innovative Tianxing in China. Through more than 20 years development and innovation, our group has experienced a hard, developed and hopeful road. Facing to the new century, new economy and new challenges, it is a long way for us.
The building of the website aims to provide the customers a demonstration, communication window. It is the bridge between you and us and the business tie for the cooperation between Tianxing Group and customers, friends from all over the word.
Through the window, you can learn that, Tianxing Group is developing towards Scale, professional and international level with the spring of new century and innovation as the motivation. The group will take part in the domestic and international competition and cooperation to contribute to the global economical development with new image.
With the arriving of the global economical times, Tianxing People will embrace the new challenges with active view and inspiration. We are looking forward to your joining and cooperation. We would like to cooperate with friends from all walks to seek mutual development and splendid future!

Add: Liujiaqiao, Chongren County, Fuzhou,Jiangxi Province, China
International trade department:
Mark Li:+86-15958465576 +86-794-6453969
Fax: +86-794-6453980
E-mail: mark@tianxingchem.cn
URL: www.bacoind.com
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